Independent Electrical Contractors – CHESAPEAKE FACILITY TOUR

Grant Shmelzer shows construction of the students and the electrical equipment.Participants of the IEC TourOn June 29, 2021, The Coalition for Public Safety Training in Schools in partnership with the Independent Electrical Contractors – Chesapeake (IEC) hosted a tour of the Independent Electrical Contractors facility to the public.  The Coalition for Public Safety Training in Schools had an opportunity to attend and donate light refreshments for the event.  Michael Yeakey gave a Pre-Apprentice Overview and the steps a candidate would need to take in order to enter the Apprentice Program.


The participants were able to take a tour of the facility which was led by Grant Shmelzer.  The tour  showed state-of-the-art facility which included classrooms with screens for teaching and tools in the classroom for hands-on learning.

There were rooms that housed electrical equipment that electricians would use on a day-to-day basis.  Students had a beautiful breakroom to sit for breakfast and lunch.  Many Board members from CPSTS were able

to attend and speak with the students and representatives of IEC.  Prince George’s

County Council Member Sydney Harrison discussed the importance of Public Safety

programs and Electrical Institutes in the community.  He also noted the work of

Bill Taylor and his dedication to training and development opportunities for students.

From Left to Right:  Linwood Nelson of Linnel Driving School,

Thurmon Jones of Patriot Training Center,

Prince George's County At-Large

Council Member Calvin S. Hawkins,

Prince George’s County Council Member Sydney Harrison,

Bill Taylor, CPSTS President

Tonya Sweat Esq; Dr. Kevin Maxwell,

At-Large Member Calvin S. Hawkins II

Linwood Nelson;  Linnel Driving School

Linwood Nelson and Brian Nelson

of Linnel Driving School

Michael Yeakey of Yeakey Alliance

Dr. Kevin Maxwell, CPSTS


was discussed by

Joe Harber and Grant Shmelzer

with a slide presentation.


It gave a visual for the participants to see parts of the curriculum and supplies used for the Apprenticeship Program.


Bill Taylor discussed the role of the

Coalition for Public Safety Training in Schools, Inc. (CPSTS).

From Left to Right:  Verdell Whittington,CPSTS; Tonya Sweat, Esq.; Bill Taylor, CPSTS; Dahiana Edwards, Dr. Kevin Maxwell, CPSTS; Grant Shmelzer, IEC; Linwood Nelson, Linnel Driving School; Carolyn Boston, CPSTS, Norma Bullock, CPSTS; Brian Nelson, Linnel Driving School


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